Help Save America.

Secure the Border

I will aggressively seal and secure our borders, destroy the drug and sex trafficking cartels, and compassionately deport the illegal invaders. Since Biden intentionally opened the borders, Congress should force him to correct it by all the economic and legal powers at their disposal.

Resurrect the Economy

I will restore energy independence, reduce inflation by slashing government spending and eliminating bureaucratic departments and agencies, balance the budget, return to the gold standard, drastically reduce business regulations and taxes, and eliminate the IRS and the income tax.

Restore Law and order

I will overhaul our current judicial system which is corrupted by bribed judges and prosecutors, needless and lengthy delays with prosecution and sentencing, defunding of the police, and widespread failure to enforce the laws in place.

Protect Our Families

Families are the bedrock of our society and I will fight for parental rights, free of woke government intrusion with warped sexual agendas and transgender predation. I will work for low-cost, free-market medical care, practical education, and the protection of children at school from bullies by empowering school administrators to discipline.

Safeguard Free Speech

I will work hard to defund the woke and corrupt government agencies, educators, and corporations now weaponized against our patriotic citizens

Defend Life

From conception, I will vigorously guard the life of unborn children and lovingly support women who keep, or adopt-out, their child

Fight for Farmers

I will fight to protect our farmers and farmland from radical environmentalists who believe the lie that carbon excesses cause global warming, and seek to destroy our farms, waterways and farm economy with baseless regulations, CO2 pipelines and wind turbine proliferation.


Rescind all "red flag" laws allowing the government to arbitrarily declare gun owners "Unfit To Own. Address the root cause of weapons by limiting the excessive medication of people with psychotropic drugs. Write laws allow gun owners to defend themselves, and abolish the ATF.


Without destroying personal rights, Judeo-Christian morality should be settled as a matter of public policy, as our Founders intended, with a view to end the confusing and lethal impacts of "moral neutrality." Our national and State organic documents all intend to honor YHWH, the Most High God, and not decadence, murder, and idolatry.