Help Save America.

Secure the Border

I will aggressively secure and militarily defend our borders, and protect the country from those who have already invaded

Resurrect the Economy

I will help rebuild our economy and reduce inflation with strict balanced budgets, a return to the gold standard, reduced endless business regulations, elimination of the income tax and introduction of a national sales tax

Restore Law and order

I will be steadfast in restoring law and order by overhauling our criminal justice system with speedy and decisive justice

Protecting Our Families

I will dedicate my life to protecting our families from those who are trying to destroy our children’s potential and futures

Safeguard Free Speech

I will work hard to defund the woke and corrupt government agencies, educators, and corporations now weaponized against our patriotic citizens

Defend Life

I will vigorously guard the right to life of the unborn child and support all we can to young women who choose to keep their child

Fight for Farmers

I will fight to protect our farmers and farmland from radical environmentalists